About The Cluster

Photo Credit: East Bay Oysters

Who We Are

The Pensacola Oyster Cluster is an industry aggregate that will leverage an industry-wide network to vertically integrate the estuary’s oyster community in a collaborative effort. Through cooperation and a collectively aligned vision, we will expand the oyster aquaculture industry while rebuilding the local commercial wild harvest.

Our Partners

Our Mission:
Buy Local. Grow Local. Eat Local.

We aim to build a public/private collaborative network that leverages local resources, talent, and industry network to institutionalize oyster aquaculture production (and rebuild the wild harvest) while growing the blue economy and promoting responsible stewardship and public outreach to truly authentic, local “Fresh from Florida” brands that provide superior quality and sustainability. When we equip our local farmers with local, high-quality seed, great equipment, and the best data management system available, we’re strengthening our economy and improving the water quality right here in our local estuaries.

Bright Minds
& Hard Workers

The Pensacola Oyster Cluster’s vision is to commercialize commercial aquaculture by creating opportunities for core and supporting aquaculture industry members through sustainability, restoration, community engagement, research, and fostering industry-driven innovation to combat economic disparity throughout the industry.