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The Pensacola Oyster Cluster is a growing collective of dedicated industry workers, passionate about bringing our blue economy to the next level while we counteract the long term decline of the wild oyster population. “Blue foods” like oysters rank highest in nutritional value, while having the lowest environmental footprint of all animal proteins on Earth. We’re working hard to build our local oyster industry into a sustainable, eco-conscious protein producer. From seed to plate, we’ve perfected the most sustainable model for harvesting hand-crafted, delicious oysters, with all our conservation efforts built in. With your support, our farmers can sequester more carbon, protect biodiversity, and build a better future for our coastal communities.

Photo Credit: East Bay Oysters

The Water Purifying Power of Oysters

Sustainable oyster farming is a vital tool for improving the water quality and health of Gulf Coast estuaries. Did you know a single adult oyster can clean 50 gallons of water per day? Bivalves like oysters are nature’s filter feeders, cleaning up water as they eat and grow. This iconic species pumps water through their gills, trapping particles of food as well as harmful nutrients like nitrogen, suspended sediments, and other contaminants. While they may just feel like an exciting appetizer to order at your favorite restaurant, oysters are on the frontlines in the battle to restore water quality for our ocean ecosystems. 


Oyster aquaculture in the United States provides jobs in coastal communities, provides a sustainable source of seafood and can help improve ocean health by providing habitat for fish and improving water quality. We’re honored to have the Pensacola Oyster Cluster’s initiatives be backed by The Nature Conservancy’s SOAR program. 

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Be a Company With a Conscience

Making a positive difference in the community that supports you can be the most rewarding and powerful aspect of being a business owner. Our cluster welcomes charitable support from Pensacola businesses and enables your brand to be directly involved in the health of our local economy and environment. Send an incredible message to your own customers, staff, and the public of Pensacola that your company cares about our bay system and the small businesses that depend on it. 

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